The Elements of an Effective Sale Sign for Your Home

September 1, 2017 3:55 pm

Having trouble selling your home? Don’t think that the problem is with how the house looks – the problem could be the fact that you’re not advertising your property the right way.
Real estate experts say that the first step in selling a real estate property is to draw in as many potential buyers as possible. This means making use of different media to let everyone know that there’s an ideal spot that they could soon call their own home.
You might be thinking of online listings, but try to widen your horizons for a bit. Even though homebuyers now rely on online listings to find the perfect home, the traditional “For Sale” signs still remain effective in getting their attention. In fact, some buyers in other markets find these signs helpful in their search.

What a Sale Sign Must Do
In today’s competitive real estate market, the importance of having a For Sale sign in front of your property cannot be understated. What you should be concerned about is having a sign that can generate inquiries from interested buyers.
When done correctly, a For Sale sign should encourage buyers to give you or your listing agent a call. This phone call can be the perfect opportunity for you, as the seller, to highlight all the wonderful features of your home.
Normally, the signs should have your contact details. If you’re working with a real estate agent, they might also include the name and office phone number of their brokerage. Some might even make use of space at the top or bottom of the sign, which contains information about Open House days or even the specific asking price.

Where to Place It?
Once you decide on placing a For Sale sign in front of your property, make sure that you read your homeowner associations’ regulations first. Some towns or Homeowners Associations may have restrictions on a sign’s size, while others might not even allow For Sale signs in the yards at all.
Now that you have your sign, you should find a spot that’s easily visible from the street. If your home is on a corner, have signs on each street to catch traffic from both directions. On the other hand, if your home is a bit out of the way, you might want to ask those who live on busier streets to place a directional sign in their yard.
Of course, it’s important that your sign has the look that can catch everyone’s attention.